Activities and Associations


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Situated at Angers Loire Airport, the aeroclub offers the possibility to discover and practice general and pleasure tourist aviation. 

tourist aviation allows you to overfly the region and destinations further afield in France or abroad.

By training and continuous improvement you can master the basics, maintain and manage your level, and train for night flight. The flying school, provided by a chief pilot and assisted by volunteer instructors, trains pilots of all ages from very young to seniors, with no age limit.

Within the Aeroclub d'Angers-Marcé, the emphasis is on safety:

  • Regular and rigorous maintenance of equipment and aircraft
  • Supervision and monitoring of student progression and licensed pilots.


  • Relative association legislation 1901, chaired by Gilbert Bouchet
  • Founded in 1908
  • 3rd aero club of the Pays de la Loire
  • 160 members
  • 2,500 flying hours per year


  • 2 DA 20 Composite Diamond two-seaters principally used by the school
  • 1 Piper P.A 28 160 CV - 4 seater - equipped for air travel
  • 1 Cessna 172 S 180 CV - 4 seater - equipped for air travel
  • 1 DA 40 180 HP - 4 seater - equipped for air travel
  • 1 U.L.M Super Guépard - two-seater - equipped for air travel


Tuesday to Saturday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday: first flight from 2pm to 6pm without reservation
Closed on Mondays



02 41 33 50 61



For more than thirty years, the CPVA (Centre de Perfectionnement et de Voltige Aérienne) has been striving to maintain Stampe aircraft in flight and pass on the know-how of piloting biplanes.

The only French school, member of the FFA (French Aeronautical Federation), the CPVA lets you discover this beautiful aircraft in classic flight and leads the most persevering to their first aerobatic exercise.




  • Association membership
  • Holder of PPL (pilot license)

  • Contribute with all your dedication; the associative structure being managed only by passionate volunteers.


Interested to discover?

Visit the Angers Loire airport site on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Centre de Perfectionnement et de Voltige Aérienne d’Angers
Angers Loire Aéroport
49140 Marcé
+ 33 (0)2 41 33 50 63


Situated at Angers Loire Airport, the "association sportive de vol à voile" offers you the possibility of an initiation flight of 20 minutes on board a glider. Glider pilot training is also provided throughout the year.

A little story...

Gliding began in Angers in 1931. Launched with the help of a bungee cord, the first single-seater glider of the Aéro-club de l'Ouest made its first flights over the Angers-Avrillé field.

From 1945, thanks to the aviator René HERSEN, nicknamed the "Boss", this discipline took off. In 1957, the "Patron" created the "8 Days of Angers", a competition which brought together the best European competitors. However in the 1970s, the departure of R. HERSEN put an end to this international event.


At the end of 1998, the Association Sportive de Vol à Voile (ASVV) took possession of the new premises made available by the City of Angers at ANGERS MARCE Airport.


Today, the ASVV has around 100 licensed members annually. The main purpose of the association is to enable its active members to practice Gliding in all its forms and in particular:

  • Pilot training from the age of 13 to obtain a glider pilot license (SPL: Sailplane Pilot License)
  • The provision of gliders permitting local "leisure" practice or "circuit" flight over the countryside of the great west of France: from Vannes to Montargis, from Royan to Rouen, from Mont Saint Michel to Puy of Dome.
  • Participation in national and regional sporting competitions.
  • The organization of sporting competitions.
  • The organization of initiation flights to discover the discipline.


Infrastructures ...

To practice its activity, ASVV counts upon modern and functional facilities and a renewed glider fleet of:

  • 2 two-seater school gliders

  • 2 single-seater school gliders for honed students

  • 3 two-seater performance gliders used for dual-person flights locally, for circuits in the countryside or in competition

  • 5 single-seater performance gliders used for flights, country tours or competition

Concerning Human Resources, technical support is provided by many volunteers and a full-time employee.

The gliders are propelled airborne by 2 winches with the advantage of cost limitation of the practice and reduction of noise pollution.

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Association sportive de vol à voile
Zone Sud
Angers Loire Aéroport
49140 Marcé

+33 (0)2 41 33 50 62


FlyAnjou offers you a flight of discovery and initiation to piloting aboard a ULM SINUS 912 motor glider with a certified trainer. In the program :

  • Presentation of the aircraft
  • Flight preparation
  • Half-hour piloting exercise with the instructor
  • Comments and debriefing.

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