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Easily find a flight, a hotel, a car rental worldwide


Easily find your plane ticket thanks to the search engine of our partner Aéroports Voyages. Once the departure city is chosen, the list of destinations served with direct flights is automatically displayed. When you have chosen your flight routing, the calendar displays days of operation for direct flights in green.

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Where can I fly from Angers?



For the time being, Angers Airport only offers seasonal flights especially during the summer. For example, in 2019, Hop Air France operates the flight route Angers Bastia. You can book a direct flight Angers Bastia from the 29 June to the 28 September 2019.

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Book a hotel and rent a car rental near Angers Airport



You can book also a hotel near Angers airport or anywhere in the world. The Hôtel Restaurant L’Océane and l’Hôtel A l’Océane Angers – Le Mans are located at only 15 minutes away from the airport by car. Why not booking a room at a guesthouse like Chambre d’hôtes Les Grands Moulins de Baugé or a holiday home such La Grande de la Gandonnerie, located at 16 kilometers from the airport and easily accessible with the airport shuttle.

One of the best way of discovering Pays de La Loire region, is to do it at your own pace, so rent a car at Europcar located at the terminal of Angers Airport. Europcar welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12 am and from 2 to 6pm and the Saturday from 3 to 6pm. It is closed the Sunday. You can also rent a car by Avis ou Enterprise, the 2 car rentals located in the center of Angers near the train station. Furthermore, remember that Angers Airport provides to travelers car services with drivers and a free car park.

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An efficient and competitive booking service


Aéroports Voyages has partnered with the services of the largest European booking platforms. Each search engine tab such as flights, flights + hotel, hotels or car rental is powered by a specialist of the chosen service. Aéroports-Voyages, is a renowned Airport partner. It helps you find best travel offers in or out of Pays de La Loire region. Book and receive the latest important information for your stay.

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