Winery & Tasting


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Good news for wine lovers, the region of Angers is a land of winery ! Visit one of the wineyards we selected for you...

You'll find more details about each of them below !


Founded in 1851 in Saumur. Visit the caves on a bike (or by walking) and let the atmosphere open your senses before you taste the unique Brut de Loire that grows here.

11 Rue Ackerman, St-Hilaire-St-Florent, 49400 Saumur (Go)

02 41 83 83 83



Founded in 1811. Let you be guided through the freestone cellars for an interactive and spectacular visit. Enjoy the ephemeral artworks by resident artists exhibited in the caves.

19 Rue Léopold Palustre, 49400 Saumur (Go)

02 41 53 03 21



Founded in 1859. Before wine testing that will make you admirative of Louis de Grenelle's work, let a guide show you the freestone cellars 12 meters under the city of Saumur.

839 Rue Marceau, 49415 Saumur Cedex (Go)

02 41 50 23 21



Dive into a site in activity and benefit from a unique theatral presentation by Elisa Amiot reincarnation. You'll then end this short journey with some commented wine testing

St-Hilaire-St-Florent, 49400 Saumur (Go)

02 41 83 14 14



Discover the winery backstage in this house-school active since 1885. Benefit from a fun lesson of oenology, a visit of  the wine vintage and the cellars concluded by a free wine tasting.

3 Rue Léopold Palustre, 49400 Saumur​ (Go)

02 41 40 21 42


In a unique view over France's royal valley, feel free, throughout the whole year to come and visit the freestone cellars and do some wine tasting.

110 Route de Montsoreau, 49400 Saumur (Go)

02 41 83 13 32


Let yourself be convinced by 170 years of passion, boldness and creativity visiting the distillery accompanied with a guide. Discover Cointreau's orange liquor history.

2 Bd des Bretonnières, 49124 Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou (Go)

02 41 31 50 50